Milestone 2

  • Without factoring in wind resistance and rolling resistance, goldkart can go at a maximum speed of 31kmh, which is under 35kmh. However, a more reasonable speed might be 27kmh.
  • To prevent the acceleration from tapering off early in the race, we plan to use a 2P2S configuration that increases the current supplied by the batteries to 80A. In order to not exceed the current limit on the batteries, we need a controller that can perform current control. This means that the maximum acceleration we can get is approximately 2.3 m/s2.
  • We are intending to keep the base wide and the CG of the go-kart system low, so the chances of flipping over even during max acceleration would be low.
  • We’d love to use the belts for transmission but the budget might get a little tight since a belt will require additional parts that cost money to be mounted on the wheel. The gear ratio we are intending to use is 1:6, and a front wheel size of 16″.


Our vehicle will be a tilting tricycle. Our primary interest and consideration is to develop a smooth and functioning front steering mechanism. With the given 80/20 Aluminium extrusions, ball joints, shoulder screws, threaded studs and rods, we will be able to make a basic frame of this mechanism. Our intended construction is far simplified than existing designs found online, and will be much cheaper. These parts will be bought first so that we can test our theoretical design. Thereafter, we will employ the Turnigy brushless motor and Kelly controller to the system.


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